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Fine tunning


Good afternoon. Buy the distribution kit for Renault Clio 95 engine Energy 1.4 as the belt of that system was cut. I have the notion that to find the coincidence point of the camshaft (mark up) and the crankshaft, (mark down) so that the manifold pipe is pointing to the number 4 piston. My query is as follows: If the belt is cut, each pulley must be turned by hand individually or separately from the other. That is to say that if I turn the crankshaft I will not turn the one of the camshaft ?. Please ask me to confirm or rectify what I said before and give me some detail or maneuver to simplify this repair since it is the first time I make this type of adjustment. Many thanks.

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Para mover los árboles de levas primero colocá a todos los pistones a mitad de carrera porque si ponés el pistón Nro 1 en el PMS primero cuando quierasvgirar los árboles de levas en forma individual las válvulas van a chocar contra la cabeza del pistón