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Problem does not let me do anything

When I try to use some module I get this message and it will not let me operate.
"The \\ sye \ tango \ 28 \ dbf \ TGANUM (Decimal Setting) file has problems. Run the General Manager Tables and Index Repair option.

I need to solve this problem. Before I had it in network with another pc. But unplug them, and I was left with this being the server.

    1 Solución propuesta

    1- Verify that the computer name is sye.
    If it is not, the database is on the computer called sie, and there is the problem because you disconnected it.
    2- From Windows Explorer, check if you can examine the path \\ sye \ tango \ 28
    Comment on both results.
    • hace 2 años

      Avatar de Admincentral

      in the browser I can not find that route. I have it in -
      Local Disk C

      I found the file to find it but not with sye
      explain me
      the name of the team you are referring to?

    • hace 2 años

      Avatar de Tangos

      Run a CMD and enter:
      and give Enter.
      You will see the name of the computer.
      Please comment.