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How to repair: How do I make a current rectifier from AC to DC 14volt for my motorcyc

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Hello friends I hope for your pleasant help, I need to manufacture an AC to DC Current Rectifier for my motorcycle, I have knowledge in electronics and electricity but I have not given how to manufacture one, in advance I thank you, the winding of my motorcycle sends in maximum 60 volts ac, I need to take those 60v to 14 Dc so that I can charge the battery

  • Regards. The first thing you would need to know is if your motorcycle has a three-phase single phase alternator. This data is essential to be able to tell you the options you have to make the regulator you need.
    Depending on that I can give you a choice between a rudimentary system that carry the vast majority of motorcycles or a more technically advanced one that has a much greater efficiency and less fatigue of components because it also generates heat.

1 Proposed Solution

If you place only one diode, you have already manufactured a half-wave rectifier, therefore you will have thirty volts DC now so that this voltage remains stable at 14 volts a regulator that can be done with a triac or a scr and a zener that orders is required the conduction of this device, canceling the excess current ...