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How to repair: IC-229H intensity meter indicates false intensity signal

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Good to all my greetings and respects from Venezuela
I have an Icom 229H, which in stanby mode, when it receives no station or signal that breaks the squelch, the same mark on the signal strength meter as if it were receiving, I indicated a friend that can be adjusted in one of the adjustable coils internal, someone will know a little more about the subject that I can guide where I can adjust that small detail, Note: the equipment receives and transmits well in all its functions, only the detail indicated above that does not affect the operation, but I would like to leave it at 100 % as it leaves the factory, greetings and thanks in advance.

1 Proposed Solution

You must remove it from the place where it signals, feed it with a single battery to be safe and discard the power, disconnect the antenna and see if it signals or not, if it does not mark, it may be the electrical noise of the environment in which it is located or some other interference from a light of the savers, led, switching power supply (swtching) etc

Do not touch the settings because yes since they are rarely responsible for this type of symptoms and once played only with instruments (RF generator or service monitor) can be left as appropriate.

In the service manual of such equipment, you will surely find the instructions provided by the manufacturer to do such work but I doubt that they are "by eye" and do not involve instruments.

If the equipment works correctly, it should be left alone. It is my recommendation.

  • 4 months ago

    Avatar de Roberto Orias

    In fact, my friend was the place where the equipment was located, I changed it and the interference disappeared thanks.