So I usually get the Pro or Max or whatever the largest most expensive model each year, well because I can. But this year I got a red iphone 11 as well just to compare the two and return one. Truth be told minus the screen (which isn't as big of an issue as people say) I'm having a hard time justifying keeping the pro max over the plain 11. The differences are an extra camera, supposedly better battery life and the screen mostly. Minus just design choices like stainless vs aluminum and matte vs glossy. As a lot of reviewers are saying, the 2x zoom isn't something a lot of people use and the drop in quality when zooming almost makes it not worth using at all. Next is battery life, but the XR was already a better battery than the Max last year by over an hour and the 11 is 1 hour better than the XR. That puts it not far off from the Pro Max's battery life, especially since it has too push a lower resolution than the Pro Max. Finally the screen. Now I am a tech snob to some degree and I laughed at the XR and its low res not even full hd screen. Comparing the two side by side though I actually prefer the LCD on the 11 over the OLED. Sure blacks are better on the OLED and the resolution is higher, but unless you're on a plane watching movies on your phone, does anyone care about resolution that high on a phone? Youtube doesn't even play in over 1080p on any iPhone and that's the vast majority of what I watch on my phone. So these somewhat modest upgrades over the 11 clock in at around 400-700 dollars more depending on the storage size (also the 11 offers a nice 128gb option for only $50 more while the Pro makes you get 256 for $150 more) This is insane because I can get 2 iPhone 11s for the same price as a 11 Pro Max 256gb after tax.It makes it seem like Apple didn't have enough to make their Pro phone actually Pro besides the camera, which the 11 already has minus a dinky 2x zoom lens.How do you guys feel about the 11 compared to pro or pro max now that they're both in