Hello everyone,,Full disclosure : I have an iPhone 7 since September 2016;This will probably get down-voted but hey i'm still going to try.I want us to have a genuine discussion. I really want to understand. Am I the only one who can't come up with a good reason to justify to pay that much for a phone ?I love my iPhone, and I love shiny new devices. I really do! But I just don't think the pleasure that it would bring me would be worth 1000$.Because I think it has to be about that, right ? iPhones in the past 3 years (at least) have become so powerful and good enough that the new ones don't have anything that special. So it has to be about the pleasure and the fun of getting something brand new, the latest and greatest device, right ?Edit1: Thank you guys for answering so nicely! I'm not judging anybody! I just want to see what goes through the minds openweb.vip/whatsapp-web/https://19216801.onl/routerlogin.uno/ of people spending a lot of money for the iPhone Xs and Xs MaxEdit2: Wow! This blew out of proportions. I was expecting to downvoted to hell and get maybe 10 people commenting, all insulting me but I'm happy to see that it's possible to have a civil discussion around this topic.But I feel like I need to explain what brought me to this. Like I said, like everybody I love buying something new and I enjoy the excitement. But personally, the excitement of buying a new phone fades away faster than before. I remember when I bought my iPhone 4 (first iPhone ever). OMG I was on cloud 9 for weeks and weeks, and would find any reason to use it. Same with the iPhone 5s and touchID.But things were a little bit different with the iPhone 7. Yes the excitement was there but it went away faster. And when I see the iPhone Xs, I want it!! I really do! I'm excited, but then I think that that excitement is going to leave me pretty fast again and then I would regret spending that much on a phone. That is my concern.