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What function does transistor D288 play?

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Hello friends, I found this transistor of a black and white TV and as it is old, I have the doubt, it seems to me that it is a regulator, but if it is, what voltages should I have at the output? Thanks in advance.
  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de Ennio Montenegro M.

    Without knowing the brand and model, it is impossible to indicate values.
    There are some 12 "TVs that can operate on a 12V battery. In that case the regulating transistor must deliver between 11V and 12V.

  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de Mariscal850

    Hi, thanks for your help, it's a TV. 12-inch Daytron brand.

3 Proposed Solutions

2SD288.pdf [84.77kb] BD288.pdf [98.10kb]
I send you the datasheet of the ones I found with the name you published, as you see in both cases they are non-regulating transistors, of course I don't know which one you have in question, I hope they serve you, regards
Low frequency power amplifier
· Power regulator applications.

They commonly work in the stage of regulation or stability of voltage at the source, vertical output or audio amplifier.

If it is acting as a voltage regulator, it usually has 15v in the collector and 11.5v in the Emitter

Upload a photo to appreciate more details regarding the work being done by the transistor.
  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de Mariscal850

    Thank you very much, transistor goes voltage of the fat filter source that has 19 v. that goes to the Collector, after the Emitter 12 V goes out, and from the base there is no voltage at 0.9 V and that track goes to pin 1 of the flyback, when measuring it gives correct, but my great doubt is perhaps it should not leave the voltage of the Base? since it goes to pin 1 of the fly back that I suppose is + B. because I do not find the diagram of the TV since it is old and also does not show a serial number or something on the board and on the board, it also does not indicate voltages or any guide of the + B. And I considered that the collector voltage that does not exist RP213 model

  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de Javier Chavez C

    If it has the presence of 12v it means that the Base is well polarized. Unless it is a dummy voltage.
    What is the fault? .
    Upload a photo of the TV maybe you can upload photo of the diagram

  • 1 month ago

    Avatar de Mariscal850

    Thanks for the help.

hello put a TIP41C that will work without problems greetings