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How to repair: Ceiling fan does not pull air

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Good colleagues, today I bought a used fan I just assembled and tested it and since it does not pull air down, what seemed odd to me is the format of the vanes they have their bent tips, I thought I had turned them upside down but the Change down and nothing turns very well and strong but not low wind! I also tried to change the capacitor wires but the same thing happens nothing really happens that I upload photos of the connections to see if I'm missing something, thanks for the help! img]

  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de Angel Huapalla

    There is a switch that is to pull the air up or down, in other words, it rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, just move it

  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de Lucas14

    Hi, you don't have this switch that you mention, I looked for it well, but it doesn't have

2 Proposed Solutions

The doubles must go up and the right turn must be from right to left to pull the air down, I comment that this inconvenience occurs in Chinese-made fans due to the angle of attack of the blades, you can solve it by placing other blades with another angle.
  • 2 months ago

    Avatar de Lucas14

    Apollonius changed the blades upwards but still did not throw air, what I saw is that in the set of screws (6.2 per blade) came only 3 rubber washers, I started to think and said why 3 rubber washer instead of 6 and I put a washer on each blade but below the blade on the left side, which made the blades more inclined.
    I tried it and shot air perfectly! So be sure that was the bad position of those washers, thanks alike colleagues!

Exactly Apollonius, the problem is in the blades