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Solo faltan 52.364 soluciones y llegaremos a los 500.000 articulos que no se convirtieron en CHATARRA o BASURA!!!

Credits of the New Version of YoReparo

They helped us develop the concept of the New Version

The concepts and ideas of this new version of YoReparo.com were discussed in the public forums of YoReparo. To all those who supported us, and contributed ideas, or maybe even criticized the ideas about the new version: thank you for helping us shape it. There was a deeper discussion of the functions of the new version with the group of YoReparo Moderators. To all of them, thank you very much for your support, but moreover, many thanks for taking care of our community while we were very busy working on developing the new version.

They collaborated financially

The following YoReparo users voluntarily collaborated financially to support the work of the new version. Many thanks!:

Thank you! Without your support it would have taken longer to release the new version, and it probably wouldn't be as good as it is :)

The team

This is the team that worked on the new version of YoReparo

Mauricio Etcheverry
Mauricio EtcheverryProject Leader - Developer

He led the team, developed and produced the idea of the new version, and also programmed most of the system backend and front-end until Ernesto joined the team.

Ernesto Cuzcueta
Ernesto CuzcuetaDeveloper

He joined the team to help us with the Development work. Programmed most of the backend and frontend of the system in the last year of the project.

Lennard Celso
Lennard CelsoUI Designer

Lennard did all the layout and Web design of the new version. He's a little crazy and insisted that with his mention we put the following quote: Some things Man was never meant to know. For everything else, there's Google - search result


CincoSieteProducción Audiovisual

Con Javier Fuentes (o CincoSiete) hemos producido vídeos que nos dieron grandes satisfacciones, como "¡Paremos con la Chatarra Electrónica!". Trabajamos juntos en toda la campaña previa al lanzamiento de la nueva versión para ayudar a nuestros socios a prepararse para el cambio con distintos recursos audiovisuales.


We want to give special thanks to the community of Open Source PHP and Javasript programmers for the tools they have created. YoReparo is based entirely on Open Source tools such as:

  • php
  • Symfony
  • html5
  • css3
  • nodejs
  • webpack
  • sonata project
  • doctrine2

Our community

We want to give special thanks to the 2.780.711 users that make up YoReparo.com. Without you today we would not be here.